Ted Nugent Admits He Broke The Law A Few Times

Ted Nugent recently talked about how the government cannot tell adults what to do and what not to do. He stated that there is either law or not, and an individual can break the laws if they require you to do immoral things in certain events.

The guitarist and activist Ted Nugent never ceases to speak his mind during his regular live streams on his Facebook account. While he was already considered a successful musician, he recently became a popular figure in politics that many people have followed in the last few years. He strongly defends the Republican Party in the United States and points out the ‘mistakes’ of the US government.

In his latest live stream, he talked about the law and how sometimes it cannot dictate absolute right and wrong. The government doesn’t have the right to tell anyone what they can and cannot do, or in Ted’s words, ‘mandate stuff.’ He gave examples from his own life, where he had to break laws to do the right thing and admitted that he would break the law and lie if the situation required that.

The first story he told was about one of his friends having an accident where he had to rush him to the hospital. In this case, he exceeded the speed limit to ‘save his life,’ so it’s okay to break the law. In another case, he had to shoot a heavily wounded deer because it would have been immoral to wait for the authorities to intervene while the deer was suffering.

Here are the stories told by Nugent:

“No mandates. Nobody can mandate shit to me since I was 18. Before I was 18, my parents could mandate stuff. After being 18, no mandates. Nobody can mandate shit. It’s either law or it’s not. And here is an example. ‘Well, you break the law.’ Yes, I do. I’m going to tell you how I break the law. I was driving a buddy of mine, I won’t give his name, after experience in a hunting accident, and I was exceeding the speed limit to save his life. I broke the law.

There was a deer tangled up in a barbed-wire fence, and the coyotes had already eaten half of its ass. It was suffering horrifically. The law said I had to call somebody to take care of it. I broke the law, I shot the f*cking deer. The law was immoral. I do good things. I do proper things. I do sensible things. When the law is immoral, you must disobey it. Well, thou shalt not lie. Well, when the Nazis come to my house and ask me if I’m hiding any Jews downstairs, I’m lying.

He concluded by stating that if he hid any Jews in his house and the Nazis came, he would lie to them as well. Nugent also stated that he does good, proper and sensible things, so he trusts himself for such decisions. He also seems to believe that not all laws represent the ultimate truth and ultimate morals, and sometimes a person needs to make their own good choices.