Shawn Crahan Admits Slipknot Members Hated Each Other And The World Hated Them While Recording ‘Iowa’

During his recent interview with Metal Hammer, Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan recalled the times when Slipknot was recording its second studio album ‘Iowa.’ He revealed that they have been through hard times and hated everyone and everything during the recording process of the album.

Slipknot released its second studio album entitled ‘Iowa’ on August 28, 2001, which became very popular and commercially successful by hitting the charts of various countries. However, ‘Iowa’ has been defined as the darkest times of Slipknot even though it was one of the most successful albums of the band.

The serious problems arose between Slipnot members because of the never-ending touring and recording schedules. They also had their own personal problems and mental breakdowns during the recording sessions of ‘Iowa.’ In one of them, the band’s frontman lost himself and cut himself with a glass. According to Crahan, they hated each other, and the world hated them because they decided not to listen to other people’s advice and only focused on producing whatever they wanted in ‘Iowa.’

Slipknot percussionist stated that the recording and creating process of ‘Iowa’ was very challenging in a recent interview. Clown thought that the long hours of performances, recording sessions, and interviews led to serious problems between the band members. He revealed that they hated everyone and everything also the world hated them while they were producing ‘Iowa.’

In Crahan’ words, he said:

“When we did Iowa, we hated each other. We hated the world. The world hated us. It was a backlash for our dream. We spent 18 months on that first cycle doing all these interviews, agents, managers… it was all performance.

By the time we got to the second album, people needed to be curbed and understand their place and that their opinion didn’t matter as much as they thought it did. Just because we were the first platinum band on Roadrunner doesn’t give everyone the ability to start advising. When we were home to take a breath, it was clear that the second album was gonna be disturbing and force-fed to the world.

According to Clown’s statements, Slipknot has been through dark times during the production process of their second studio album. He recalled these times saying that they had serious problems with each other and the whole world which resolved eventually.