Paul Stanley Compares Tommy Thayer To Ace Frehley And Explains The Biggest Difference

In an interview with Rolling Stone Germany, KISS frontman, Paul Stanley compared the former and the current guitarist of the band and revealed the main difference between the original KISS lead guitarist Ace Frehley and Tommy Thayer.

As you may know, KISS’s original lineup consisted of lead vocalist Paul Stanley, bassist Gene Simmons, lead guitarist Ace Frehley, and drummer Peter Criss. Frehley, who was also known as the Spaceman, decided to leave the band because of conflict in creative choices back in 1982.

The original members of KISS reunited in 1996 and started the most popular and commercially successful tour in the history o the band. However, Ace left the band again, and after years of working for the band, Tommy Thayer became the lead guitarist of the band. In the beginning, Thayer was a part-time member who was hired for ‘Kisstory.’ In order to be the new Spaceman, he worked with Ace Frehley to learn the original techniques.

Recently, during an interview, Paul Stanley opened up about his thoughts regarding the original and current lead guitarist of KISS. According to Stanley, Tommy Thayer is a very consistent and talented guitarist. However, the original lead guitarist Ace Frehley always used different styles and techniques and his every performance was a surprise for both Paul and the fans. Stanley pointed out to the consistency of Thayer and the changing style of Frehley while comparing his former and current bandmates.

Here’s what Paul Stanley stated:

“Tommy is very, very consistent. Tommy always hits the bull’s eye, and there’s never any question about that. And with Ace, I have to say, there was a certain amount of erratic playing. You didn’t really know, night to night, what you were going to get, I have to say. So the band, as it is now, is much, much, much more consistent. We’re always in sync with each other and always on point.”

You can watch the interview below.