Jack Black Admits Being An ‘Immature Idiot’ Helped In School Of Rock

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Tenacious D frontman Jack Black discussed his earlier years of playing in ‘School Of Rock’ and shared the details of the movie, from how the idea first came out to the aftermath.

It has been 20 years since the movie first came out, and for those unfamiliar, it tells the story of a guitarist who lands in a school to become a substitute teacher and ends up forming a band of kid musicians.

Black recalled getting nervous about working with kids. He reflected on being an ‘immature idiot,’ which, in fact, helped him get a better grasp of his role. He said:

“In retrospect, it seems ridiculous [to be nervous] because I’m such an immature idiot that it was a perfect match to be with a bunch of kids. We had a blast — horsing around and making jokes and making fart noises in between takes.”

Despite being a perfect match for the role, the rocker had only one time that made him anxious. Jordan-Claire Green, the cast member who played ‘Michelle’ in the film, recalled what Black was nervous about:

“The only time I ever saw him get nervous was one night we were on set, and he said a cuss word. I think it was ‘sh*t.’ He apologized to our parents. My mom was like, ‘You don’t think she’s ever heard me say ‘sh*t’?'”

Elsewhere in the same interview, the rocker said that the movie is the dearest in his heart and mirrors his experience with the entertainment industry. So, it’s worth noting that the movie has been a highlight in Black’s career.

School Of Rock gained immense popularity and sold $131 million worldwide. The movie is now celebrating its 20th anniversary, and the cast will be reuniting soon for celebration.

Below, you can see the movie’s trailer.