Don Henley And Sting’s Battle For Best Pop Vocal Performance

Award ceremonies might be fun, or well until you lose and go home with no awards by your side. At least, maybe, that’s what Don Henley was worried about when he was nominated in three different categories at the 2001’s Grammys. However, all of these categories were filled with Henley’s other successful peers, so the award ceremony was like a battlefield with veteran rockers all around.

Thus, as Henley wore his best tuxedo and, probably, arrived in a limousine to the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards, he was more than ready to honor his nominations, have a successful night by grabbing an award or two, and then celebrate the success. All of these may sound dreamy, and we can only guess what Don might have been feeling like, but it can still be speculated that battling with Sting wasn’t easy.

The two rockers were nominated for Best Pop Vocal Performance and were considered the favorites to receive the award. So, as Henley and Sting went onto the battlefield and took their imaginary swords, this creative duel would end with one winner. So, let’s check out how it all went down for our good old Don.

Well, Henley was nominated in three different categories, the first being the category of Best Pop Vocal Performance, the second being Best Rock Vocal Performance, and the third being Best Pop Vocal Album. In all of these categories, among the drummer’s rivals were names from Sting to Bob Dylan, so it wasn’t easy, but Don was no easy bite.

However, the nominees were a bit interesting when addressing the Best Pop Vocal Performance winner for males. You see, while there were prominent names in the rock scene like Henley and Sting, there was also Ricky Martin alongside Marc Anthony and Brian McKnight.

Don was nominated for his song, ‘Taking You Home,’ one of the most commercially successful songs from his record, ‘Inside Job,’ whereas Sting was nominated for his performance in ‘She Walks This Earth (Soberana Rosa)’ from the compilation record, ‘A Love Affair, The Music of Ivan Lins.’ So, who do you think won?

If you bet on Don Henley, you have just lost all your money because Sting did win the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance. However, there were still two other categories for which the Eagles drummer was nominated, so maybe he would win an award from there… right? But the Grammy committee decided to say, ‘Well… no.’

So, not only Don lost to Sting, but he also failed to win in the category of Best Rock Vocal Performance by losing to Lenny Kravitz and in the Best Pop Vocal Album to Steely Dan. Thus, the award ceremony wasn’t fun for Henley, who returned home with no awards by his side.