David Coverdale Doesn’t Want To Bring An Inadequate Performance, According To Tanya O’Callaghan

In a recent interview with Ampeg’s SVT Time Live, Whitesnake‘s bassist Tanya O’Callaghan shared her thoughts about David Coverdale‘s health condition that changed the trajectory of the band’s touring schedule.

David Coverdale updated his fans that his recurring health issues, which turned into an upper respiratory infection, have affected his voice. The frontman had to stop performing to recover before getting back on stage. Thus, Whitesnake had to cancel all of their performances, including the long-awaited Scorpions tour they were gearing up to support before Coverdale’s emergency that needed immediate attention and mending.

Whitesnake bassist Tanya shared her perspective on Coverdale’s health condition. She said it was heartbreaking to watch him in pain and see how it affected the band. The band was supposed to hit the road in five or six days before they announced the cancelation of their U.S. tour with the Scorpions. She mentioned that after the announcement, they were also on edge and nervous about his condition and the trajectory of their next few months without the scheduled tour dates. However, their priority is for Coverdale to take his time to get better.

O’Callaghan also mentioned the physical toll it takes to tour year after year, and it’s nothing short of amazing. She added that Coverdale is the type of artist to give everything on stage because he loves being in a band and performing for fans, so deciding to pull out of the tour was very difficult. Tanya said that Whitesnake had a very successful Europe tour, which might be in the cards in the future; she also mentioned they might be getting back into the studio for a new album.

Tanya O’Callaghan’s words about David Coverdale’s health status:

“I mean, it’s heartbreaking — for David and the band. Because it was only five or six days out, we had to make the unfortunate announcement. As the musicians in the band, it’s, like, there goes your next few months, and we were worried about him as well. But he’s been on the up and up and on the mend, so he doesn’t want to put any exact pressure. The U.S. tour was canceled or postponed; the Scorpions went ahead. So we’ll see next year. He needs a good few months. He’s already tried to get back into writing and all that stuff, which is great. There’s no point in putting an exact time frame on it because it depends on his body. He’s in great spirits now, and he’s a lot better.

I mean, it kicked my ass, and I’m super healthy and fit and the kid of the band, per se, although keyboardist, guitarist, and backing vocalist Dino Jelusick is younger. And I can’t even imagine doing it that many years. He’s not the type of singer who will half-ass it; he’s out there pushing every night. He doesn’t want to bring a half-assed performance to his band. He loves touring and being in a band, and that’s what I love about him the most. It’s like he’s still 18; he’s just, like, ‘I love being in a band.’ He loves the camaraderie. So we’ll see. We had a wildly successful European tour, and we’ll see what the future brings. He’s already talking about maybe an album. So we’ll see.”

You can watch the interview below.