Glenn Hughes Says David Coverdale Is Ready To Perform Live

In a recent interview with the Rock Experience with Mike Brunn, Glenn Hughes shared that David Coverdale has been singing at home and resting in preparation for the live shows in November.

Whitesnake was scheduled to join Scorpions on tour to support their latest album ‘Rock Believer.’ However, the band had to withdraw from the long-awaited tour due to David Coverdale’s health struggles that started with a sinus and trachea infection.

Coverdale had announced to fans that his recurring health issues, which turned into upper respiratory infections, have made him unable to sing and perform, which is why they had to cancel all of their performances. One of his old-time friends, Glenn Hughes, recently mentioned that they had a chance to catch up with Coverdale and gave details about his recovery process.

Glenn Hughes revealed that he recently spoke to David Coverdale. He added that because they are close friends, Coverdale always calls on his birthdays. Hughes mentioned that the vocalist has been resting but has started singing again before the live shows coming up in November.

Hughes’s words about David Coverdale’s current condition:

“I spoke to him on my birthday last week. He always calls me on my birthday, so I talked to him, and he’s resting. I think he’s singing now at home and getting ready for the following shows in November, and he’s ready to go, so I’m happy for him. We’re very close friends.”

You can watch the interview below.