Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds On His Obsession With ‘Dark Imagery’

Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons recently joined a conversation with Genius and revealed his love of dark and creepy imagery.

Imagine Dragons have released six albums in total, and Dan Reynolds has been the main songwriter of the band since its early years. The Mormon religion has been a source of influence for Imagine Dragons since the band was founded in Utah. As the primary songwriter, Reynolds’ lyrics usually explore several themes, including the Mormon faith, depression, and disease.

As it is known, the singer was raised in a very religious and conservative family, causing him to develop some conflicting feelings about what religion imposes and what it prohibits. The vocalist recently participated in an interview with Genius and shared how these conflicting ideas affected his tastes.

During the conversation, the musician revealed that he is obsessed with creepy and dark imagery. He noted that because he was raised in a very religious and conservative Mormon family, he was not allowed to look at such images. Thus, as the years progressed, he loved religious imagery, but his fondness for dark imagery turned into an obsession.

The Imagine Dragons frontman shared his love of dark imagery as follows:

“I really love creepy imagery, I love dark imagery. I think because I was raised Mormon, I was raised in a really religious, conservative home. I love religious imagery but I also like the opposite… I like everything that I wasn’t allowed to look at when I was little.”

You can check out the full interview on Youtube below.