James Hetfield Declares Himself The ‘Mad Scientist’ Of Metal

In a recent exchange during ‘The Blending Sessions’ on YouTube with Blackened American Whiskey’s Rob Dietrich, Metallica’s James Hetfield likened himself and his bandmates to ‘mad scientists’ in the realm of metal music.

Hetfield and Dietrich talked about the essence of creativity and innovation, a hallmark of Metallica’s career, and the guiding philosophy behind Blackened Whiskey. Hetfield emphasized the band’s hands-on approach, stating:

“Us getting to know the world of whiskey and knowing ‘Who are the big players in whiskey and why?’ Because they’re they are like us. They are mad scientists. They want to make the best whatever it is that they make. We want to make the best music possible. And there’s nobody else that can tell us whether it’s good or bad except us.”

Craftsmanship In Music And Whiskey

The frontman continued, drawing a parallel between their musical creation process and the crafting of whiskey:

“It’s the same with you and the whiskey. This is it; this is my best. And no one’s going to challenge that. That is why we have not just slapped our name on some whiskey or just slap our name on some cigar. We’ve tested it. We’ve gone through. We have made sure that is this the best because that’s what we do in the studio.”

A Symphony Of Flavors

Blackened Whiskey represents a confluence of musical innovation and scientific precision. Conceived by the late master distiller Dave Pickerell and now spearheaded by Rob Dietrich, the whiskey is a blend of the finest bourbons and rye, enhanced in brandy casks with a unique ‘Black Noise’ sonic enhancement process.

The passing of Pickerell in November 2018 marked a crucial moment for Blackened Whiskey. Hetfield noted the importance of continuing the legacy that Pickerell started, which led to the recruitment of Dietrich. With a background that bridges music and distilling, Dietrich was seen as the ideal successor to honor Pickerell’s vision while bringing his own expertise to the forefront.

You can watch the full episode below.