How Stevie Nicks And Joe Walsh’s Fight Turned Into A Tom Petty Song

Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and the Eagles’ Joe Walsh had an intense relationship that lasted for three years. It was love at first sight for Stevie Nicks when she saw Walsh in a hotel bar. Soon after, the couple fell in love and built a deep connection. One day, the Eagles icon disclosed something very traumatizing and personal.

Joe Walsh opened up to Nicks about his daughter, who lost her life after a car accident. Upon hearing this tragic story, Stevie Nicks felt closer to Walsh because she had also had an abortion. She then wrote the song ‘Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You’ for Walsh and his late daughter Emma.

During their relationship, the musicians struggled with severe drug addiction. The two were not compatible together because they triggered each other’s substance addiction. Eventually, Walsh made the tough decision and ended their relationship in 1986. The night after they broke up, Nicks had a fight with Walsh, and this became an inspiration source for Tom Petty.

Stevie Nicks And Joe Walsh’s Quarrell Inspired Tom Petty

Stevie Nicks and Joe Walsh had intense feelings toward each other, but their battle with addiction often made things worse for the two. In a previous interview with the Howard Stern Show, Eurythmics producer David A. Stewart recalled Nicks’s intense fight with Walsh after a party. As it turns out, this incident inspired Tom Petty to write his hit ‘Don’t Come Around Here No More.’

According to Stewart, the Fleetwood Mac singer invited him to a party at her place after a Eurythmics show in LA. At that time, she and Walsh had just broken up the night before, and Stewart didn’t know who Nicks was. However, he still decided to attend. At some point, the partygoers went to the bathroom to use substances, and Stewart went upstairs to sleep. At around 5 a.m., Nicks was in his room, wearing Victorian clothing, and this scene reminded Stewart of ‘Alice In Wonderland.’

After some time, Joe Walsh decided to come by to see Nicks. However, she didn’t want to see him anymore. So, Nicks threw Walsh out and told him, ‘Don’t come around here no more.’ When Tom Petty heard about this incident, he sat with Stewart to write the song. During a conversation in 2015, Stevie revealed that although it was written for her album ‘Rock A Little,’ she changed her mind after hearing Petty’s vocals, which she believed suited the song more.

You can listen to Tom Petty’s song ‘Don’t Come Around Here No More’ below.