Gene Simmons Shares His Only Advice For Kanye West

Kanye West, or ‘Ye,’ as he prefers to be called, is known for his controversial remarks, and the rapper’s recent anti-semitic statements have sparked yet another debate. Fellow musicians reacted to Ye’s comments, including KISS bassist Gene Simmons. During a chat with Piers Morgan, the rocker disclosed his thoughts on Ye and shared his only advice to the rapper.

“So, the only piece of advice that I have, as somebody in the peanut gallery,” Simmons said. “I’m not a doctor. I’m not a physician. I don’t know much about Ye or Kanye. I’ve heard, I’ve got friends who are close enough, and so on… If there’s medication, I respectfully urge for the gentleman to take the medication.”

“If he’s surrounded by the wrong people,” continued the rocker with his advice and emphasized Ye’s economic power and status. “Get some nicer people because the most important thing you have to realize is when you’re a billionaire — and God bless him for that. It’s the majesty, the miracle of the American capitalist system.”

“There we go — in a country full of racism,” stated Gene, emphasizing Ye’s fortune once again. “The capitalist system allowed you to become a billionaire.”

When Ye previously disclosed his struggle with mental health, there were people who defended the rapper’s controversial remarks referring to his deteriorating mental state. KISS frontman Paul Stanley, however, stated that Ye’s mental health couldn’t be an excuse for his racism.

Gene Simmons, a Jewish-American, respectfully advised the rapper to start using the medication, to get nicer people around, and to stop exploiting his power and status as a billionaire with controversies.