Paul Stanley Addresses Kanye West’s Mental Health

KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently shared a tweet to express his views on Kanye West‘s anti-semitic controversy and discussed how mental health cannot be used as an excuse.

A few days ago, Kanye West made an anti-semitic comment that has been widely criticized by many and caused his Twitter account to be suspended. The target of this comment was rapper Diddy, and he was referring to a long-standing anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

Everything started at Paris Fashion Week a few weeks ago. Kanye West wore a t-shirt reading the slogan ‘White Lives Matter’ on it and stirred controversy. This was a direct reference to ‘Black Lives Matter,’ which emerged in 2013 as a social movement against racism, discrimination, and racial inequality and specifically targeted police brutality and racially motivated violence.

This slogan on Kanye’s t-shirt was slammed by many as white supremacy and was widely criticized. One of his critics was rapper Diddy. In the Instagram post he published, he said that this was not a good joke, especially considering its context. After this comment by Diddy, Kanye targeted him and said that he was controlled by the Jewish people. Upon these words, the rapper’s account was suspended.

Many criticized Ye’s words, including David Crosby and KISS frontman Paul Stanley. In a recent tweet, he said that mental illness is a disease, but it cannot be an excuse for hate speech, antisemitism, and discriminatory violence. He said people have always found ways to somehow rationalize this discriminatory and violence-based behavior on minorities for centuries and that it always ends with brutality.

The post he ended by inviting people to speak is as follows:

“Mental Illness is a disease but should never be used to minimize the danger of hate speech, advocating antisemitism and violence against religions or ethnicities. We have found ways over centuries to rationalize this behavior and viewed the atrocities that followed. Speak up!”

You can check out Paul Stanley’s recent Twitter post below.