Yngwie Malmsteen Explains His Loyalty To Fender

Yngwie Malmsteen recently gave an interview to Guitar World and argued that all the guitar companies were after him back when he was pretty popular in the scene.

The neoclassical guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen has been using Fender Stratocasters for most of his life. His most famous Stratocaster is the 1972’s blonde strat, nicknamed ‘The Duck’ and ‘Play Loud.’ Later on, Fender made 100 replicas of this guitar and sold them as the ‘Play Loud Guitar.’

Apart from the blonde strat, Malmsteen has a Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster, which he has used since 1986. He also uses a signature YJM100 Marshall amplifier based on the ‘1959’ amplifier range and claims he is a genuine, eccentric, and extreme artist who loves his Marshall amps.

According to Malmsteen, he received a signature guitar from Fender way before Eric Clapton did. This remark caused controversy since it’s unknown whether he or Clapton was the first. However, Malmsteen argues that every company approached him to make a guitar together, and Fender never gave a guitar to any guitarist then.

In a recent interview with Guitar World, Malmsteen revealed why he loves Fender guitars and claimed that every guitar company wanted to give him a free guitar when he was new and famous in the scene. However, the guitarist told them he preferred buying a Fender because he was loyal to the company.

Speaking to Guitar World, Yngwie Malmsteen said the following:

Every guitar company came up to me when I was hot. I said, ‘No. I’d rather buy a Fender than get one for free from you.’ I was very loyal.”

Considering Malmsteen’s remarks on Fender, it seems the guitarist loves using the company’s guitars. Moreover, Malmsteen argues that he received the first signature guitar from Fender and rejected any other company’s offers.