Graham Nash Celebrates Stephen Stills’ Birthday, ‘You’re An Inspiration’

Let’s push aside the complicated relationship between the old band members of CSNY for just a second. It’s pretty heartwarming that Graham Nash took to his official Instagram account to celebrate Stephen Stills’ 78th birthday. Let’s see what he had to say to his old pal.

“Happy Birthday to my great friend, Stephen,” Nash wrote. “It’s been a long road we’ve shared together. You’re an inspiration and gifted in so many facets of life and music. Many warm wishes for the day, my friend!” Although the significant differences in the band trajectory have pulled the former bandmates further away from one another, it’s great to see that there might still be hope for the band members to reconcile.

As stubborn and straightforward people, they’ve made it even more challenging for each other as they haven’t held back their private matters and publicly talked about their disagreements. However, one thing that Graham Nash and David Crosby still share is their love for Stills.

Crosby recently shared with Songfacts that he still loves Stephen Stills to this day, that he can’t overturn. Even though he hasn’t congratulated Stills birthday yet, it’s interesting to know that he still cares about the musician compared to his other bandmates, whom he hasn’t talked to in two years.

Yet, I wouldn’t cross my fingers for a reunion anytime soon as Crosby made sure to let fans know in a 2021 tweet that, as the band members, they all said ‘rest in peace’ to the band. It’s quite apparent that Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young haven’t been able to move on from the tribulations of the past, but it’s better than nothing that some of the members still appreciate and respect each other.

Photo Credit: Graham Nash – Instagram