Andy Taylor Believes Duran Duran Was Prevented From Becoming Pink Floyd

Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor recently reflected on the early years of the band’s career and how the 2000s prevented them from becoming Pink Floyd. During a new interview with Kyle Meredith, the interviewer reflected on the band’s ‘lost’ album, ‘Reportage,’ and shared that the times were a bit darker and political back when the album was recorded in 2005.

For those who don’t know, the album was put to a stop when Taylor departed from the band in 2006, leading the band to start over with new songs and a new title for the album, namely ‘Red Carpet Massacre.’

The guitarist recalled having a song for the album titled ‘Criminals in the Capital,’ and ranted about the record company not releasing it for its lyrical content being political. When the topic switched to the song lyrics, Taylor explained how they weren’t writing about politics when they were younger and mentioned their hit ‘New Moon On Monday.’ He then shared:

“When we started going back together, when we started doing that, it’s like, ‘What do you expect from us?’ I used to go on stage and get shin splints. Two and a half hour shows, spent three hours in the bath, it’s like, ‘Oh no.’ It’s like, keeping your weight down as hard as you get [older], all that sort of stuff.”

The rocker then explained what would have made the band come up with records similar to those of Pink Floyd:

“But really, if that expectation of what you should be doing in the early 2000s hadn’t been around and we’d have been left, we’d not been trying to be recreated, we probably would have made records more kind of Pink Floyd.”

According to Taylor, the band should have stuck to the 80s side when they were older, but didn’t. The rocker shared:

“And I thought that we should have went more down the ‘Night Boat,’ ‘New Religion’ side of the band. We’d learned a lot by then, all of us were very confident at what we did by the time we were in our 40s. But for some reason, we thought we did, and I think there’s so many great Duran Duran albums were never made because of chasing hits. Well, how many hits do you need before you know you’ve had a lot of hits?”

Two days before this interview, the rocker mentioned Pink Floyd once again. Taylor appeared on Classic Pop Mag, where he also shared about the band’s early years and ‘Red Carpet Massacre.’ Taylor made it clear that being in a band meant an entity, that they had no animosity, and claimed that they were ‘Pink Floyd but in reverse.’

See the latest interview below.