Glenn Hughes Clarifies That If He Wants To Work With David Coverdale Again


Deep Purple‘s former bassist and vocalist Glenn Hughes opened up about the possibility of reuniting with the band ever again during an interview with That Jamieson Show, apparently, he would not consider such a reunion, however, would love to work with former frontman David Coverdale once again.

As many of you know, Glenn Hughes started to work with Deep Purple in 1973, after replacing Roger Glover as a bassist, however, Hughes’ intention when it comes to music was to be a vocalist rather than a bassist. Therefore, after David Coverdale was hired as the band’s lead vocalist, the two started to work as two co-lead vocalists, sharing the duties for three albums, until the disbandment of Deep Purple in 1976.

With this new line-up, Deep Purple performed in many enormous shows such as in Madison Square Garden, California Jam festival, and Gaumont State Cinema. Their first studio album, ‘Burn,’ was also quite successful, reaching number 3 in the United Kingdom and number 9 in the United States, all of the other albums also were commercially thriving.

Since that era of Deep Purple was highly successful, during a recent interview, Glenn Hughes was asked if he would consider playing with the band members again, Hughes’ answer was bold and clear as he stated that he would not do such a thing since Deep Purple was a long time ago and there are still problems form the past, however, he would love to play with David Coverdale if he had the chance.

Here is what Hughes said:

I would not consider it. I would not consider it because I’m way past that now. It’s been such a long time ago. Let’s just say that there are some unresolved problems from the past. For me, the time I have left to do my work on this planet, I need to keep making new music and playing forward.

Yes, I have done some shows with respect to Deep Purple music – as you know, you’ve been to a couple of them – but as far as re-engaging with them chaps again in the live format, I can’t see it happening. This has nothing to do with David Coverdale – I love him, I would work with David again if we get a chance. But anybody else, no.”

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