Sammy Hagar’s Daughter Kama Reveals That Sammy Had A ‘Health-Scare’ And Gives An Update On His Health Status

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar’s daughter Kama Hagar shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing that she had a week filled with catastrophic events continuously including Sammy Hagar had a scary situation with his health status.

Recently, Kama Hagar shared a post on Instagram, revealing that she had a week filled with heartbreaking events such as losing her uncle, having her car broke down three times, and she moved to Puerto Rico with her boyfriend. In addition to all of these happening in just one week, Kama also revealed that her father Sammy Hagar also has a health-scare.

Here is what Kama said:

“Dang. What a week.

My uncle passed away and left his giant family all broken-hearted, but so grateful for our time with him and all his warmth 💔,

my dad had a health-scare in the same 24 hours 🤯,

our car broke down 3x 🚗,

I finalized a contract for an incredible deal📄,

I purged old items 👚,

oh, and Nick La Maina and I moved to Puerto Rico. 🇵🇷

Talk about a roller coaster. 🎢

I’m taking my own advice from last week’s blog post (I never shared on insta) and shaking off all and any stagnant trauma.

Feeling the grief and anxiety and also allowing for all the joy.

I wrote a poem on death this week as a tribute to my uncle and all the coping mechanisms I didn’t even know I’d need the week before. Check out the link in my bio to explore the blog. 📖”

After seeing his daughter’s video in which Kama dances to shake everything that happened off, Sammy Hagar shared a comment under her post stating that he had a couple of cocktails for dinner time and made a joke about making a meal out of the chukar behind Kama.

Here is what Hagar said:

“OK, freedom dance now I’ve had a couple of cocktails because it’s late, dinner time. If you don’t believe me check my new Instagram post. after a second reviewing, I saw two chuckers I believe? And I bet there’s a gang of them! I’m talking about enough for a meal of five people. Yum Yum Yum. I am bringing the slingshot to Puerto Rico when we come to visit sorry 😞 🍖🍗”

Here is how Kama reacted:

“hahaha, you jerk!”

While fans were quite worried about  Sammy Hagar’s health as Kama revealed that he had health issues, however, as the father and son were joking around in the comments section, it was obvious that Sammy is better than ever and it was a false alarm, or else, he’s healthy now, however, Kama made a joke while replying to his father and stated that he needs nor vegetables than thinking about the meat of chukar.

Here is what Hagar said:

“Stop acting your age will you😂 PS and while you’re sleeping about, an edible chucker just ran across the lawn behind you got away grrrrrr”

Here is what Kama said:

“lay off the chuckers – I need their sounds and you need vegetables 😘”

You can click here to see the Instagram post.