Gene Simmons Says Paul Stanley Realized A Problem With His Voice

KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently spoke to TMZ Live and shared crucial details about Paul Stanley’s current health status after testing positive for COVID-19. He highlighted that they noticed a problem in Stanley’s voice before the diagnosis.

As you may recall, many people claimed that Paul Stanley had a heart attack and was in the intensive care unit before the band’s show in Pennsylvania, on August 27, as a part of The End of the Road World Tour. This fake news continued to spread on social media until Stanley posted a tweet and denied the claim saying that there is no problem in his heart.

However, later Stanley announced that he got COVID-19 and shared the band’s official statement on his Twitter account. In the announcement, KISS declared that they had to postpone the concert in Pennsylvania due to Stanley’s COVID-19 diagnosis, and they have been following every safety protocol. Fortunately, both the band’s other members and crew tested negative.

During his recent interview, Gene Simmons revealed that they called a doctor and were tested when there was a problem in Stanley’s voice. He stated that Stanley doesn’t feel good, and they are in quarantine now to figure out whether there are other COVID-19 cases in the crew. In addition, Simmons confronted their worried fans, saying that he feels great and KISS can continue their shows as soon as Stanley recovers from the disease.

Simmons said in his interview that:

“Yesterday he started feeling like his voice wasn’t up to it and he started feeling a little fatigued. So we always take precautions. We sent a doctor over, and he said, ‘Okay, you may be coming down with something. You guys better just stop.’ That’s exactly what we did. At the right time, as soon as we heard from the doctor, we had paramedics come in from a local hospital and tested the entire crew, the truck drivers, our backstage lineup, the band, and everything.

Everybody tested negative; Paul tested positive. Now we’re quarantining all of us; the band, the crew, and everybody for at least five days, just to make sure that we’re not carrying it even though we’re not experiencing anything. I feel great. We can do shows. My voice is great. Paul is not feeling great. To be safe for everybody else, we’re making sure.

I won’t comment on it because I don’t know the specifics. We’re waiting on the doctors to tell us exactly what we can and what we can’t do. However, to all those who are wishing Paul a speedy recovery and all that stuff, he’s gonna be great. Obviously, as you know, without Paul, there is no KISS.

Gene Simmons emphasized that KISS cannot perform without their lead singer even though the other members tested negative for COVID-19. Also, he seems sure that Stanley will recover quickly, and KISS will go back to performing very soon.