Billy Idol: ‘I’ll Rock Til I Drop’

In a new interview with Calgary Herald, Billy Idol disclosed that he has no plans to retire from music.

The singer responded to a question about whether the Rebel Yell Tour will be the end of his touring days, saying:

“No, of course not. Not right now and hopefully, I never stop. I’m just thinking I’ll rock til I drop. That’s kind of my ethos.”

Idol Believes His Singing Got Better

Idol thinks he’s kept his voice in good shape over the years. He explained how he managed to do it in a conversation with Next Avenue last year:

“Maturity of the voice is really interesting. I was never really pushing. I was never singing out of my range. I was always just in the right place for me, you know? I was just being me. I’ve seen other people get older and can’t sing like they used to. Some people get better. Maybe I’m one of those.”

The Singer Will Have A Tour In The Summer

The rocker will celebrate the 40th anniversary of his ‘Rebel Yell’ album by touring across Canada this summer. He’ll visit 13 cities from Vancouver to St. John’s, starting on July 30 in Vancouver and ending on August 25 in St. John’s. Billy is excited about getting back on stage, as he told in the Calgary Herald interview:

“We have an audience that’s been with us a long time, but there are younger people there as well, and I love that they can get a taste of what things were like back in the day from us. They really want to get a taste of what the ’80s was like, and they can come and see us and get a vibe of what it was like.”

During the tour, his longtime band, including guitarist Steve Stevens, will join Idol. Platinum Blonde will also appear as a special guest at all the shows. Idol will also release an expanded edition of ‘Rebel Yell,’ which includes unreleased songs and demos like a cover of Rose Royce’s ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ and a new Idol/Steve Stevens original called ‘Best Way Out of Here.’ He’s also planning to release a new album later this year.