Gene Simmons Clarifies Why He’s Sharing Too Many Reports And News About Politics And USA

KISS co-founder and bassist Gene Simmons responded to a fan’s question on Twitter wondering the reason why the iconic musician constantly posting tweets about political and social matters in the United States and apparently, it was simply because he is a concerned citizen.

KISS icon Gene Simmons has been using his social media accounts to express his opinions about certain political and social issues in the United States. Even though he often faces the reaction of some of his fans, Simmons has never hesitated to show what he believes is right.

As you may know, Gene Simmons has been sharing his opinions on the latest social and political developments in the United States mostly related to the coronavirus pandemic and the presidential election. Gene shows his reaction to these developments mainly sharing the news articles related to them on his Twitter account either adding his personal comment or simply posting the article without any caption.

Although some of his fans support the right of the musician to talk about any subject he wants, some of them react against Simmons for mainly showing one side of every development by sharing the articles from certain sources only. Recently, a fan of Gene asked the musician what the real reason behind his various tweets related to politics since they wanted to know his intention behind it.

In his response to the fan’s question, Simmons implied that the reason for his continuous tweets about the latest developments in the country was quite obvious. Gene stated that he has been sharing all those news articles since he cares about what is going on around him.

Here is what the Twitter user asked Simmons:

“Hey Gene, I’ve always wanted to know why you post so often, it doesn’t really bother me, it’s just curiosity.”

To which Gene Simmons replied:

“Why? Because I care.”

You can see the tweet Gene Simmons posted on his official Twitter account below.