Former Journey Singer Blames Neal Schon For ‘Deceptive Marketing’

Former Journey singer and co-founder Gregg Rolie recently accused Neal Schon of ‘deceptive marketing’ and releasing material from an offshoot band without having permission. Mr. Rolie’s accusations were written as an official letter by attorney Gary Stiffelman, which read:

“Mr. Rolie is quite concerned over the deceptive marketing, misuse, and intentional misappropriation of his name and likeness, and misleading announcement and ticketing that purported to promote an exclusive ‘Journey’ appearance after 15 years of absence from the European market under the name ‘Journey Through Time.'”

Rolie was concerned with Guitare en Scene’s initial advertising, which made it seem as if Journey, the original band, was performing instead of an offshoot one. Stiffelman added:

“On or before June 12, 2023, Mr. Rolie and his team had made it abundantly clear to Mr. Schon, Mrs. Schon, and all involved in the process that he would not participate in an event due to a number of concerns, including the risk of deceiving fans, not fairly paying other working musicians and an improperly released album sharing the same title ‘Journey Through Time.'”

Mr. Rolie still has doubts about Schon’s recent release ‘Journey Through Time’ as the letter also pointed out:

“Mr. Rolie remains concerned that Mr. Schon is furthering the promotion of a live album and DVD Neal Schon released via Frontier[s] records without obtaining appropriate licenses or permissions of the performing artists and songwriters/music publishing owners and without remuneration to the artists, or the intended beneficiary, a California wildfire victims relief fund, of the recorded 2018 event.”

Rolie also asked Guitare en Scene festival to issue refunds after the ‘Journey Through Time’ concert was unexpectedly canceled. Neal recently took to Twitter to announce to fans that the promoter canceled him. Even though Schon knew he wouldn’t be performing last month, the organizers took the posters down days away from the festival.

You can read attorney Gary Stiffelman’s official letter to the organizers of Guitare en Scene here and listen to ‘Journey Through Time’ below.