David Coverdale Finally Gets Back On Stage After Health Scare

David Coverdale had been going through a challenging period which feared many about his vocal health. However, even against all odds, Coverdale recently celebrated being back on performing via Whitesake’s official Instagram account and signaled he was ready to rock after facing some health problems.

The singer’s previous shows and a tour with Scorpions were canceled due to COVID, and right when he was about to embark on a farewell tour, Flesh and Blood, the rocker announced having an upper respiratory infection, which made singing harder for him whenever he was to perform live.

Like many other vocalists, Coverdale always wanted to give his best while performing, but it becomes harder with increasing age. So, the frontman decided he was ready to retire from touring after the farewell shows. Now it’s apparent he’s gotten better and is ready to return to the stage for the upcoming concerts.

“I am finally able to get back to Hook City after the long holiday,” David wrote as he shared a photo of himself in the band’s studio with a microphone in his hand, smiling and looking quite happy to have returned to performing. “So very excited, well… if I can get there with my dog sled.”

So, David Coverdale started to rehearse after facing some problems. It is evident that he has overcome his issues with his health and voice and is feeling better. The fans hope to see him perform his best. Even if you know a little bit about Coverdale, well, you’ll know that all he has ever wanted is to please both himself and his audience.

Photo Credit: Whitesnake – Instagram