Flea Recalls Working With Billy Preston On Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Stadium Arcadium’

Robert Randolph recently tweeted Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Hard to Concentrate’ song and tagged Flea to express how much he loves the track. Flea replied to the guitarist and revealed that it was Billy Preston’s last record before he passed away.

‘Hard to Concentrate’ was included in RHCP’s 2006 album ‘Stadium Arcadium,’ one of their most successful albums. It was supposed to be a trilogy, and each album would be released six months after the other, but the idea was abandoned. Three years later, the guitarist, John Frusciante, who contributed a lot to the record, left the band, and it became his last record with RHCP until he returned in 2019.

‘Stadium Arcadium’ was nominated for seven Grammy Awards and won five of them, and it became one of the band’s most successful albums. Rolling Stone also placed it in the list of the Best Albums of the 2000s. Aside from its material success, it had a more sentimental aspect to it as well. According to Flea, this album featured a song Billy Preston recorded, which was the last song he ever recorded before passing away.

Robert Randolph tagged Flea to state that the song ‘Hard to Concentrate’ was the best song ever, and Flea replied by stating that that song is also one of his favorites. Then, a fan replied and said that the bass line of ‘Warlocks‘ is ‘amazing,’ to which Flea replied saying that it was Billy Preston’s last recording.

Here is what Randolph tweeted:

“Flea,⁩ this is one of the best songs ever bruh! Y’all killin on this.”

Flea thanked him by saying:

“Thanks, Robert! That’s actually one of my favorites on that record. I like the called one called ‘Hey’ a lot too for sweet pocket.”

A fan replied:

“The bass line of ‘Warlocks’ too, amazing Flea.”

Flea revealed:

“That song was also Billy Preston’s last recording.

Billy Preston was highly appreciated in the music world and worked with many iconic bands and singers throughout his career. He backed artists such as Little Richard, Sam Cooke, bands like the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones with his keyboard as a session musician. He was very ill when RHCP was recording ‘Stadium Arcadium,’ Regardless, he rose from his bed to record his part after hearing ‘Warlocks.’ Later that year, he passed away from kidney-related complications.

You can check out the tweets below.