David Bowie’s Estate Announces New NFT Series Featuring Nine Artists

David Bowie’s estate recently disclosed that they were teaming up with digital artists to launch an NFT collection to pay homage to the life-long art enthusiast musician.

Bowie was known for being an avid art collector as he deeply valued creativity and considered art as a way of appreciating the unique wonders of the human mind. To him, art was not only a way to celebrate the delicacy of the human creative intellect, but it also emphasized the past and helped foresee the future.

It seems like his legacy will stay alive through digital art as Bowie’s estate announced the launch of a new series of NFTs. As the advanced technology gives the opportunity to celebrate art virtually, the musician’s estate will collaborate with web3 venture ‘We Love the Arts’ and the NFT marketplace, OpenSea, where the eventual sale will take place on September 13.

The collection will be titled ‘Bowie On The Blockchain,‘ and nine different artists, who have personally met and known Bowie during his life, will honor the musician by creating for the digital art series. The project aims to pay tribute to the British rocker’s lifelong achievements and his influence on music and art. The names of the contributors were announced as Nadya Tolonnikova of Pussy Riot, Fewocious, Jake, Defaced, Osinachi, Young and Slick, Lirona, Glam Beckett, and Jonathan Beckett.

The artists were allowed to use David Bowie’s personal artifacts, from the rocker’s paintings to the costume sketches he had made. Their primary aim will be to reflect on the influence and guidance Bowie had on them while forming their musical identities and stage personalities. Andrew Keller, the co-founder of the ‘We Love The Arts’ venture, has also expressed his excitement and wish to honor Bowie through digital art.

Andrew Keller stated the following:

“Bowie also made digital art himself, and so what excited me so much was the idea of making people aware of all of these things they probably don’t think about or know about when they think about Bowie, and to me, it really became about solidifying his legacy on the blockchain, and creating beautiful, meaningful art.”

The profits from the sale will be donated to CARE, a non-profit organization that globally works to fight poverty and world hunger. David Bowie’s widow Iman is also a global advocate for the organization.