Evan Rachel Wood Explains Why She Didn’t Leave Marilyn Manson Despite Abuse

‘Westworld’ star Evan Rachel Wood recently shared a post on her official Instagram account to answer the people who kept asking her why she didn’t leave her ex-fiance, Marilyn Manson. Wood wanted everyone to know the mindset of abused people in their relationships and the circle of abuse that doesn’t always allow people to get out.

Manson and Wood began dating in 2007, and three years later, they got engaged but decided to break up shortly after. The reason behind it remained unknown until the famous actress testified to the California Senate for Phoenix Act and unveiled that she was physically, psychologically, and sexually abused. Later, she named the abuser Manson and continued to share details about their relationship full of violence, rape, fear, and blackmail.

Following Wood, over fifteen women, including Esmé Bianco and model Ashley Morgan Smithline, stepped forward and stated they went through the exact hard times as the actress while being with Manson. The singer’s lawyers immediately refused all of these allegations against him, but it didn’t stop the significant backlash to Manson as an abuser. However, few people didn’t believe Wood and others and thought they were trying to ruin Manson’s career.

Thus, Wood decided to release a statement on Instagram to explain why she didn’t end her relationship with Manson when he abused her for the first time. She opened up about the situation, saying that it was too scary to face this harsh truth about herself. The famous actress added that keep asking such questions makes the abuse victims remain silent because of this possible prejudiced perspective toward them. She emphasized that people shouldn’t blame the victims; otherwise, no one can want their help.

Here’s what Wood wrote on her IG post:

“When you ask, ‘Why didn’t you just leave if it was so bad?’ you literally demonstrate one of the reasons victims don’t leave. They blame themselves. When you defend someone that has been outed by dozens of men and women for being abusive, you also demonstrate how one can be stuck in the cycle of abuse. You lie to yourself. You lie to yourself because the truth is too painful. Not only can you not face what it means about the person you love, but you can’t face what it may mean about you. When you blame victims, you prove our point.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Evan Rachel Wood – Instagram