Duran Duran’s John Taylor On Being Captivated By Måneskin’s Victoria De Angelis

Måneskin’s Victoria De Angelis joined Duran Duran to cover a hit song.

The new wavers are getting ready to release their latest album, ‘Danse Macabre.’ The most recent release from the album was a cover of a Talking Heads hit, ‘Psycho Killer,’ with Victoria De Angelis as a special guest. John Taylor, who insisted on working with the bassist, said of working with the bassist:

“She’s probably the most important electric bassist out there right now. I met a couple of the guys from Måneskin at a party, and they said, ‘You’ve got to meet our bass player. She’s such a dynamo!'”

Apparently, it was the Talking Heads bassist who inspired De Angelis, which sparked the idea of covering the hit. He continued:

“I was like, ‘What inspired you?’ and Vic said, ‘Tina Weymouth.’ So when ‘Psycho Killer’ made the cut for the album, I thought, ‘I’m gonna ask her if she’d like to have a bass-off!'”

The Måneskin bassist referred to working with Taylor as insane and called him one of the greatest bass players ever. The track features not only De Angelis but also the former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor.

The Halloween-themed album is set to drop on October 27. In addition to Talking Heads, the album will include covers of Billie Eilish, The Rolling Stones, The Specials, and so on.

You can listen to the song below.