Paul Stanley Pays Respect To Iron Maiden By Recalling How They Helped Create An Entire Genre Of Music

KISS guitarist and co-founder, Paul Stanley, took his official Twitter account to share a new post and showed his support for the iconic metal band, Iron Maiden.

As you might already know, Iron Maiden is yet to be introduced to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and Paul Stanley wanted to criticize the committee of the Hall Of Fame because of that.

In the post, Paul pointed out that it’s insane to see that Iron Maiden is still not in the Hall Of Fame regardless of the fact that it matters to them or not. Also, Paul said that they have to add them to the list.

Furthermore, Paul mentioned that Iron Maiden is created a metal music genre by themselves and this should be enough for them to join the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Afterward, he asked what more do they need to introduce them into Hall Of Fame.

Here is what Paul Stanley wrote:

“Regardless of whether it matters to them, Maiden not being in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is insanity. Regardless of who is writing in or not, the Committee must induct them.

They have helped spawn an entire genre of music. What else do you need to do?”

You can check out the post below.