Duff McKagan Releases A New Song With His Pre-Guns N’ Roses Band The Living

Guns N’ Roses bass guitarist Duff McKagan has been getting ready to release a new album with his early band named The Living, and the album is finally released yesterday.

Before joining Guns N’ Roses, Duff McKagan was playing guitar for The Living, featuring John Conte as a vocalist, Todd Fleischman as bass guitarist, and drummer Greg Gilmore.

Back in February 2021, Duff released the first single, Two-Generation Stand, while announcing the debut album of The Living, named 1982, which features six more songs in it.

Before the day The Living: 1982 got released, they also delivered another single, Living By the Gun. Right now, the album is available on all platforms, and you can listen to the work that Duff made before the Guns N’ Roses.

Here is the tracklist of 1982:

1. A Promise
2. Two-Generation Stand
3. Live By The Gun
4. A Song For You
5. No Thanks
6. Live Is A Terror
7. I Want

You can listen to the album below.