The Cult’s Billy Duffy On Ian Astbury’s Goal To Become The Next Who

In a new interview with Louder Sound, The Cult guitarist Billy Duffy talked about the band’s 40th anniversary and discussed his bandmate Ian Astbury’s goal to become the next The Who.

The interviewer mentioned an earlier interview and said that Astbury saw him as The Who and asked whether or not he could have predicted the band to go for four decades. He shared:

“That’s why we got together. The honest truth is that me and Ian were lifers. I just wanted to be the lead guitarist in a rock band. And he, I guess, wanted to be the singer, frontman, mystical poet, wizard, monk or whatever his truth is.”

Celebrating the 40 Years of Partnership

Duffy touched on his relationship with his bandmate and clarified the reason for having formed the band to be like one of their inspirations— lifers. The band seems to have reached their ultimate goal of being like The Who by now celebrating the 40th anniversary of the band. The rocker shared the band’s actual goal:

“So we pooled our resources, and we’ve been 50-50 partners for 40 years. And that was our goal: it wasn’t to be the hippest band in Cleethorpes. I wanted to take the band and go around the world and have fun with it. And we took the necessary decisions to do that.”

The Two Members’ Trust In Each Other

Although the two have been partners for now almost half a decade and have been making music for the same amount of time, Duffy made it clear that it does not get easier as opposed to what people would think. Still, it’s evident that Duffy trusts his bandmate and they do better together than they would individually.

Starting their career as Death Cult, the band eventually maintained their career for over forty years and is now celebrating the 40th anniversary of the band. During their careers, the band has been influenced by The Who for their commitment to stage performing, and forty years later, The Cult is doing the same with their commitment.

To celebrate their forty-year anniversary, the band is now on a tour. You can see the tour dates here, and read the interview here.