Dionne Warwick Credits Dolly Parton’s Contribution To Cousin Whitney Houston’s Career

Dionne Warwick gave insights into her upcoming gospel album release, opened up about her cousin Whitney Houston‘s career and the important contributions made by another iconic artist, Dolly Parton, and talked about their recent collaboration on ‘Peace Like A River.’ In an exclusive interview with World Cafe’s Raina Douris, Warwick shared heartfelt stories of the relationships between the three powerhouse singers, and reflected on their intertwined musical legacies.

While discussing her gospel album, Warwick revealed the profound impact Dolly has had on her career and that of her late cousin, Whitney. The connection between Parton and Houston is most famously linked to Houston’s rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You,’ a song originally written and recorded by Parton in 1973.

During the interview, Dionne Warwick recalled her first meeting with Parton and the warm, genuine connection that blossomed between them. Warwick showcased the mutual respect and admiration between the two artists and emphasized how the message of Parton’s music resonated with her artistic direction.

Dionne Warwick’s words about working with Dolly Parton read:

“They were wonderful based on the fact that I am in the throes of now doing my gospel CD myself, and this was perfect, so I told Dolly, you know, ‘I’m going to use this on my CD,’ so ‘Please, please, please,’ she said that also it fits so well it says all right things that people need to hear today really do.”

She added:

“No, that was the first time I’d ever met her. Of course, I knew who she was, and I heard of recordings, and I watched on TV several times, but it was a joy; she is so much fun.

She’s a hoot, let me tell you, that’s a really funny lady, and there’s sort of a relationship anyway, you know, with ‘I Will Always Love You,’ a little girl named Whitney Houston. Oh, thank goodness it was a family affair.”

Their collaboration on the track ‘Peace Like A River’ is an example of two iconic artists coming together to create a soulful, uplifting track that combined their unique vocal styles and musical talents. The personal connection that quickly developed between Warwick and Parton, mainly due to their shared connection with Whitney Houston, may have also played a role in their blending of talents.