Toto’s Joseph Williams Says Working With A Vocal Teacher Made A Huge Difference

Toto lead singer Joseph Williams recently spoke about working with a vocal coach in 2010 for three years. The frontman stated that it made a huge difference and was happy to hear compliments from people regarding his vocals.

Williams led Toto with his vocals from 1986 until 1988 when he had to leave due to personal problems. He then resumed singing with the band from 2010 until they disbanded in 2019. Toto reformed in 2020 and are still active to this day.

When Joseph Williams returned to Toto in 2010, the singer worked with a vocal coach to help him sound at his peak potential. In a recent interview, the frontman said he is happy to hear that people recognize his efforts. Abilities can change after being in the music world for so long, especially something fragile like vocal cords, but he is happy that people like his voice even after all these years.

He then continued by saying that everyone’s anatomy is different, and some can sing without hurting themselves better than others. His inspiration is Bobby Kimball and his high and loud lead vocals, and Williams wants to achieve that as well.

Here is what Williams stated about working with a vocal coach:

“I worked with a teacher back in 2010, 2011, and 2012. It made a huge difference. I’m just not singing as hard as I used to, which explains some of that. I am happy to hear the compliment that people think I sound okay still.

Everybody’s anatomy is a little bit different. Some singers can have a growly sound, and it suits them and doesn’t hurt them as much. Everybody’s anatomy is a little bit different. I sing the way I do because of guys like Bobby Kimball and wanting to achieve that full loud, forte trumpet sound of a high lead vocal. I always loved that sound when I was coming up.”

You can watch the entire interview below.