Michael Schenker Slams Rudolf By Saying ‘He’s A Bully, And I Don’t Connect With Bullies’

Former Scorpions guitarist Michael Schenker opened up about working with his brother Rudolf Schenker during a recent interview with The Metal Journal and revealed that Rodulf is a bully and a control freak when it comes to working together, therefore Michael does not want to work with him anymore.

As many of you may remember, Michael Schenker once revealed that he was taken advantage of when he first started to work with Scorpions, therefore he was very disappointed with his brother, the band’s founder Rudolf Schencker during an interview with Gigs and Festivals back in 2016.

Here is what Schenker said:

I’m actually very disappointed in my brother because I just found out that a lot of things have been incorrect in the past. Me, being seven years younger than the other guys, I think I was taken advantage of right from the beginning.”

During a most recent interview, Michael Schenker once again opened up about the time when he worked with his brother for his band and revealed that Rudolf is simply a bully and tricked him for many works he has done with the band, according to Michael.

Here is what Michael said:

“Klaus and I, we started Copernicus before we joined the Scorpions. I always tried to entertain the idea of doing something with Klaus, but over the years, my brother Rudolf has become… He’s just simply a bully. I’m 66, he is seven years older. By him not giving me the musical credit for ‘In Search of the Peace of Mind,’ and then also tricking me with the ‘Lovedrive’ album, which I was helping them to open the doors for America for them…

In 2015, when they approached me for the Scorpions box – I found out so many lies, I got very disappointed in Rudolf. I always supported Rudolf and said, ‘More power to him…’ I was so happy that he was successful, and I was happy that I was very successful in fulfilling myself as an artist – so we all got what we wanted.”

In addition to this, Michael Schenker also stated that he loves Rudolf as a brother, however, he stays away from him in order to save himself from being tricked into more disturbing occurrences. Michael revealed that he does not want to be controlled by them due to the fact that Rudolf is a trickster in Michael’s opinion.

Here is what he said:

I love Rudolf as a brother, but a social distance is needed so I don’t get tricked into any further inconvenient situation. Rudolf is a bully, and I don’t connect with bullies. It creates turbulence, and it’s inconvenient – I don’t want to open another can of worms. The moment I would team up with Klaus, automatically I and Rudolf would be involved some way or another.

I don’t wanna be controlled by them. I have established myself in a way that I don’t wanna be tricked into more inconvenient situations. The moment I connect with Rudolf – you have to understand, it will carry on just the way it did when I was 15, and it will never stop. He’s a trickster.”

He added:

I don’t want to be controlled by control freaks that are chasing fame just for the sake of fame, losing the respect of the fans, et cetera – making the last album and then another last album and another last album and another last album… It never stops. I mean, these people have no sensitivity and respect for their fans. So I don’t wanna be involved. I’m not like that. I’m true to myself, and I enjoy being pure as an artist.

Rudolf and I have been separated for 50 years. We have never actually spent any time together except for the tour dates in the ‘Lonesome Crow’ period, but that’s it. So we’re used to that anyway.”

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