Demi Lovato Knows Deathcore Better Than Nita Strauss

When two powerhouse musicians join forces, expect the unexpected. Demi Lovato, a well-known pop singer, and Nita Strauss, the skilled guitarist who’s back with Alice Cooper‘s band after touring with Lovato last year, have forged a relationship that goes beyond their musical collaboration. Recently, Lovato introduced Strauss to the pulverizing sounds of the deathcore band Bodysnatcher, and it’s safe to say that Strauss is hooked.

Demi Lovato’s penchant for heavy music is no secret. Remember when the pop star posted about jamming to ‘He Is Legend’ while driving, attempting to scream along? Lovato’s return to rock-leaning roots on last year’s ‘Holy Fvck’ album is another example of their love for the genre.

Nita Strauss, on the other hand, has made a name for herself in the rock and metal scene, playing alongside the legendary Alice Cooper. The bond between these two artists has grown stronger, as Lovato recently introduced Strauss to the music of Bodysnatcher, proving that their taste in metal is nothing short of amazing.

Bodysnatcher, the band Lovato introduced to Strauss, is known for their brutal riffs and powerful sound. Nita Strauss’ Instagram story post shows her appreciation for the deathcore group, as she shared a screenshot from the Spotify app on her phone, listening to the Bodysnatcher song ‘Take Me To Hell.’

Nita Strauss’ Instagram story post about the band that Demi Lovato introduced to her read:

“[Demi Lovato] just introduced me to [Bodysnatcher], and this RIIIIFFFFFFF is ….,” [noting the guitar part at the 19-second mark].”

Strauss’s recent discovery of Bodysnatcher, thanks to Lovato, has once again demonstrated that the pop singer possesses a vast knowledge of the rock and metal industry. As their bond continues to grow, fans eagerly anticipate the future to see if these two powerhouse musicians will collaborate again or explore new paths in their respective careers.