Dan Reynolds Says He Lets His Kids Choose Songs For Imagine Dragons Albums

During a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds explained how his kids help him to choose songs for the band’s records.

Besides being a well-known and successful musician, Dan is also a great father and husband who enjoys spending time with his kids, Arrow Eve, Coco Rae, Gia James, and Valentine Reynolds. In his recent conversation with Kelly, Dan was asked how he spends time with his four kids in the house, and he revealed that he actually plays and writes lots of songs while taking care of his children.

Furthermore, the frontman pointed out that they decide whether a song will make it to the record and revealed how they influence Imagine Dragons’ albums. As Dan said, he plays the songs in the house, and if they want to listen to them once again, he realizes that there is something special in those songs and continues working on them. If they don’t like it, the track doesn’t make it to the record.

Dan Reynolds on how his children affecting the songwriting process:

“I play music for them every day. I write every day. Between them and my wife, they are the ones who pick what goes on the Imagine Dragons record. It’s like I play them the songs, and if they want to hear them again, I’m like ‘Okay, there’s something here.’ And if they don’t, then it doesn’t make the record.”

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