Def Leppard’s Phil Collen Decides To Return To Instagram After 2 Years Of Silence

Def Leppard co-lead guitarist Phil Collen recently posted a video on his Instagram account and said that he hasn’t been very active on Instagram due to the pandemic and that now that things are starting up again, he’s more than excited to announce that he recently had a chance to share the stage with one of his biggest idols.

Phil Collen is one of the most appreciated guitarists in the rock scene and he achieved mainstream fame in 1982 when he was hired to replace Pete Willis in Def Leppard. Aside from his career with Def Leppard, Collen is also known for his side projects such as the successful Man Raze of which he’s both the lead singer and the sole guitarist.

Phil isn’t one of the most active social media personalities and he admitted in the caption of his recent post that the main reason why he often uses his Instagram account and to keep a tour diary.’ Thus, he hasn’t been very active for the past two years as he hasn’t had the chance to tour.

However, now that things are starting again, he posted a short clip from his most recent performance for the upcoming BGR 15 fundraiser which will be available for streaming on June 18. Collen said that this was an amazing experience as he got to share the stage with one of his biggest idols, the Queen of Funk Chaka Khan, and said that it was ‘beyond thrilling.’

Here’s what Phil Collen said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“It’s been almost two years since I personally posted on social media. I usually use Instagram as a tour diary but considering we haven’t toured for nearly two years it’s been a bit quiet. However, with so much going on and new tour dates being posted I decided to get back on the horse.

I’ll start with this clip of me and Chaka Khan performing for the upcoming BGR 15 fundraiser streaming on June 18 at the Microsoft Theater in L.A. I’ve been a huge fan of Chaka for years but I’ve never seen her perform live so it was beyond thrilling and totally badass to actually perform with her live on stage.”

The excitement that the rockstar felt upon getting the chance to perform on stage after a two-year break is clear both in the way that he spoke in the caption of his post and the smile that never left his face during his performance with Chaka Khan.