Kat Von D Is A Huge Placebo Fan

Tattoo artist, record producer, and model Kat Von D recently spoke to the SDR Show about record mixing processes. The well-known artist also mentioned that she’s a big Placebo fan while reflecting on a successful producer named Adam Noble.

Kat Von D made a name for herself in the tattoo art industry when she featured a TLC reality TV show in Miami’s tattoo studio. After it aired for two seasons, Kat left the show and moved on to her new tattoo show LA Ink, also on TLC. LA Ink ran for four seasons until Kat decided she didn’t want to do that anymore. Throughout her tattoo career, she tattooed a single person with 400 tattoos in 24 hours and broke the Guinness World Record for her talent.

Aside from being a well-known tattoo artist, Kat is also involved with the rock and roll world. She dated Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx and tattoed him his famous Mick Mars tattoo on his leg, which was also shown at the show. She got HIM, Misfits, ZZ Top, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Slayer, and many more rock and roll band tattoos. She was also involved in the music side of rock with Dave Grohl and had released one studio album, ‘Love Made Me Do It,’ and one EP, ‘Exorcisms’ in 2021.

Most recently, she was on the SDR show on YouTube and had a conversation with the hosts about the people she worked with, such as Adam Noble. Von D revealed that she met Noble through his work with Placebo, an English rock band formed by Brian Molko. The tattoo artist also stated that she is a huge fan of Placebo, which is one of the reasons why she wanted to work with their producer.

Here is what Kat Von D said about Placebo:

“We’re releasing the original tracks. See, those were mixed by a gentleman named Adam Noble out in London. It was amazing. I met him because he had produced some of the last Placebo records, and I’m a huge Placebo fan.

You can watch the whole interview below.