Steven Stevens Says He Couldn’t Figure Out Adrian Belew’s Playing Style


Billy Idol’s guitarist Steve Stevens recently joined an interview with Guitar World and mentioned the names that left their mark on the rock scene. As Stevens revealed, there was a guitarist whose guitar-playing technique he struggled to understand.

Along with working as the guitarist and collaborator of Billy Idol, Steve Stevens played for names like Michael Jackson and Robert Palmer. His lead guitar on the theme of the 1986 American action movie ‘Top Gun’ marked another critical point in his career. The rocker received the Best Pop Instrumental Performance award at the 1987 Grammys.

He contributed to Vince Neil’s band between 1992 and 1994 by touring for and recording his ‘Exposed’ album. In 2008, the musician founded the supergroup Bozzio Levin Stevens and released two albums. He also worked with Juno Reactor and delivered his flamenco guitar style on the band’s 1999 track ‘Pistolero.’

According to the experienced guitarist, another successful guitarist Adrian Belew’s guitar style was hard to figure out. Stevens mentioned Belew’s name as an ‘underappreciated hero,’ pointing out his uniqueness on his instrument. He stated he could not understand how he created sounds like this while watching him live. Stevens also noted that the guitarist’s performances are always full of joy.

Steve Stevens said the following when asked whom he chose as an underappreciated hero:

“Adrian Belew. A complete original. He was the only guitarist I’ve seen live, and I couldn’t figure out how the hell he got such sounds out of the instrument. He also emits complete joy when he performs.”

Belew has come to the fore with his unconventional guitar sounds. He has opened a new gate in rock music by experimenting with different guitar techniques in which he uses sound effects along with animal and machine noises. The guitarist also gained a reputation with his appearance on King Crimson between 1981 and 2009, although he now focuses on his solo career.