Richard Fortus Says Guns N’ Roses Don’t Have A Setlist

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus joined an interview with Music Radar and shared some memorable moments from their live performances. Fortus highlighted the band’s frontman Axl Rose’s role in deciding the songs that they play in the concerts.

Guns N’ Roses’ We’re F’N Back Tour kicked off on January 31, 2020, in Miami, but the rock legends had to stay away from the roads due to the global pandemic, which forced millions of people to stay at home without meeting in the crowded places. Thankfully, the band could continue their tour on July 31, 2021, in Hershey, with the supporting acts of Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH, which received critical acclaim from the fans.

The concerts were in the headlines not only thanks to the fans’ interest and attention but also Rose’s current vocal performance during those gigs. Many attendees claimed that Rose lost his voice and couldn’t sing like the good old days; that’s why the canceled Glasgow gig wasn’t a surprise for them. Even though the vocalist began performing again, most people had doubts about their future shows in their minds.

Furthermore, Fortus responded to the question about whether the band was working on a setlist for their shows or not, stating that they don’t have one. The guitarist revealed that the lead singer was using a talkback microphone to tell the rest of the band what they would play the next. Richard Fortus added that Rose doesn’t only use the mic to inform them about the songs; Axl also tells jokes to his bandmates through the mic.

Here’s what Fortus said:

“No, we don’t have a setlist. Axl steps on a button and uses a talkback mic. He’ll say, ‘We’re going to go into this song next,’ or whatever. But most of the time, he’s telling jokes.

GN’R members planned to conclude their longly-awaited world tour on December 10, 2022, in Auckland, but there’s always a possibility to go back to the road without giving a long break. However, most of the fans knew that Rose would need some time to recover, considering the vocal problems that he had.