Billy Idol On The Advantage Of Working With Steve Stevens

Sometimes, rockers just click with one another. Their friendship might encourage their collaboration, which often results in producing catchy melodies and well-written lyrics. It can be said that Billy Idol’s relationship with Steve Stevens is similar since the pair has created numerous hits together. Idol recently discussed his relationship with Stevens while speaking to Yorkshire Post and disclosed why they have worked so well together.

“I think that it’s whatever I imagine he can do,” said Idol, sharing that he and Stevens are like-minded. “If I want to do a really weird song and describe what I’m after in vague terms, he can do it. Steve likes a lot of music that I grew up with, like Yes. He likes a lot of prog rock and blues music like John Mayall, Cream, and Jimi Hendrix.”

Speaking on their shared music interest and how their appreciation of similar acts shaped their collaboration, Idol said, “I loved all of that too and then segued into Bowie, Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground and the Stooges. Putting those two worlds together, you get a whole different thing. I wanted a wide-open field with no boundaries. Steve allows me to be able to do that.”

Billy Idol’s harmonious team-up with Steve Stevens has allowed the pair to work together for 40 years. Idol discussed that their collaboration has been successful because they enjoy the same type of music and are excited about creating new sounds that combine elements from several genres.