Sammy Hagar Mocks KISS Members And This May Anger Gene Simmons


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing a video making fun of KISS members’ outfits, especially with their high platform heels with the members of ‘Mini KISS,’ and it may possibly offend bassist Gene Simmons who is extremely proud of the band’s iconic stage costumes.

As many of you know, KISS’ members are widely known for their iconic make-up designs and stage outfits all of which represents the stage persona of band members, the ‘Starchild’ Paul Stanley, the ‘Demon’ Gene Simmons, the ‘Spaceman’ Ace Frehley, and the ‘Catman’ Peter Criss.

Gene Simmons, out of all band members, openly speaks about how proud he is of the band’s costumes that are extremely heavy, so heavy that Simmons once revealed that his iconic dragon high heel boots are 7″ tall and each weighs about as much as a bowling bowl which is a leg work out on their own even while walking let alone performing on stage.

Furthermore, the KISS bassist once revealed during an interview that when the band members are ready for a show, each is carrying their outfits that are heavier than a soldier’s backpacks, therefore, it’s physically challenging and respectable to put on such an effort for the audience even after all these years.

Here is what Simmons said:

“By the time you’re done, you’re carrying more than soldiers in their backpacks. I’ve got to fly through the air, spit blood and sing songs, no tapes, play the instrument live. It’s physically exhausting. It always has been.”

Recently, Sammy Hagar shared a video with ‘Mini KISS’ on his official Instagram page which is a tribute band made up entirely of little people that look exactly like the original KISS members with their outfits and make-up, however, Hagar makes fun of the actual KISS in the video, especially their outfits and high heels, stating that the ‘Mini KISS’ is the actual KISS without their platform boots.

While former Van Halen lead singer’s intentions may be far away from offending anybody, for band members such as Gene Simmons himself, the outfits and make-up is a serious part of their artistry that they have been trying to keep up despite not being physically able to for the past years, therefore, Hagar’s statements may be hurtful to him.

Here is what Hagar said:

“When the platform shoes come off…”

You can see the Instagram post below.