Dee Snider Won’t Apologize Like Paul Stanley For Criticizing Gender-Affirming Parents

Following Paul Stanley‘s remarks on gender identity and pronouns, Dee Snider sided with the KISS singer, leading him to receive backlash. In a new interview with Chuck Shute, the Twisted Sister frontman addressed this issue, saying that some attempted to cancel him for sticking up for Stanley.

Snider started his words:

“It is Pride Month. I’m not gonna open that gaping wound so much. People are looking for me to say more, and I said it all. They tried to cancel me. One hundred percent, I was in a community that wanted me to be the Grand marshal of the parade, with a community I stood with and fought for, for decades. And all of a sudden, as a parent, I disagreed with children’s ability to make cognitive decisions at the age of five, six, and seven.”

Repeating his support for Stanley’s views and explaining his decision not to apologize, the rocker continued:

“I have four children and soon in any minute, by the way, waiting for my fifth grandchild. In my opinion, they are not capable. They like canceled, and not just the show, but they went after me and called me transphobic. I’m a hell of a writer. You read my book; you know my speech in Washington. I posted on Facebook.

You can go and see what I said. It was pretty covered in the media. Paul Stanley apologized. I’m not apologizing. Not what I do, nothing wrong. I’m a person to apologize when I screw up. I just laid it out, and you’re not canceling me, and you’re not shutting me up.”

Along with the harsh criticisms he received on social media, Snider’s scheduled appearance at San Francisco Pride in June was also called off due to his endorsement of Stanley’s statements. The ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ singer released a statement following the cancellation. He expressed his willingness to learn and become a better ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. Dee said:

“Don’t reject people who are willing to march, sing, and stand with you just because we don’t perfectly see eye-to-eye. We are still your allies. I, Dee Snider, will continue to support the Transgender community and their right to choose even if they reject me, and moving forward, I am open to educating myself so I can be a better ally.”

Not long after his remarks, Paul Stanley walked back and said that his choice of words was not to the point. He expressed his support for people struggling with their sexual identity. Dee Snider, on the other hand, got his long-time friend Rudy Sarzo’s support.

You can watch his full chat with Shute below.