Dan Reynolds Shares The Inspiration Behind Imagine Dragons’ ‘Mercury Act 2’


In a recent tweet, Dan Reynolds opened up about the story behind Imagine Dragons’ sixth studio album ‘Mercury Act II.’

Imagine Dragons released ‘Mercury Act 1‘ on September 3, 2021. The first two singles, ‘Follow You’ and ‘Cutthroat,’ came in March the same year before the album. Later the third single, ‘Wrecked,’ which Reynolds gave inspiration for the passing of his sister-in-law, came out.

Reynolds gave more information about the album on his Twitter, praised by the fans. The rocker explained that the album reflected all emotions and experiences of everyone as a human. The record contained the themes like love, doubt, and pain, as the frontman revealed.

In July 2022, the sequel album ‘Mercury Act 2‘ dropped after the band completed the first leg of the Mercury Tour. Initially, ‘Bones’ came out as the first lead single, and the band released both records as a compilation album.

Recently, Dan Reynolds revealed the themes in ‘Mercury Act 2’ as he did for the first one. Reynolds explained that while ‘Mercury Act 1’ was more focused on pain and grief, the second one was talking about bringing peace to your life after a loss.

The rocker stated that the album reminds people that life had to go on even if you were in pain because of losing someone you loved very much. The album reflected that people should make an effort to be in a peaceful mindset without forgetting the loved one they lost. Reynolds has also thanked the fans who have listened to them for years.

Dan Reynolds explained in the tweet:

“I’ve put off explaining this record as long as I could. What can be said about grief? There is no word or sentence to explain what accompanies the loss of someone you love. ‘Mercury Act 1’ was primarily focused on the shock of losing a loved one. The immediate feeling of emptiness. Something that was of great worth to you is now gone, and the pain left in its wake is overwhelming. Do you attempt to fill it with something else? Do you try to forget it? You can’t forget it. You can’t replace it.

‘Mercury Act 2’ focuses primarily on life after loss. What now? Life must continue. You have obligations to fulfill. People to take care of. A job. A life of your own. I imagine those who have passed on want nothing more than for us to carry on with more presence of mind. More gratitude. More living!”

He added:

“‘Mercury Act 2’ is about living. Not forgetting, but rather carrying on with a new sense of being. A new sense of urgency. Recognition of the finite. My only hope is that this record brings you some sense of peace. What a funny word that is. Peace. A place that seems impossible to reach. But still a place I strive to reach each day. I guess I hope it brings you a little closer to it.

This record is not about death but rather life. May every day be your best. May this record bring you joy. I hope it does. It has brought me joy. And you bring me joy. Thank you for listening for all these years. Sending you all my love.”

You can see the tweet and listen to the compilation album below.