Dee Snider Says Genesis Turning Into Four Bands Was Worse Than Old Rockers Refusing To Go Away

During his appearance on the new episode of The Jasta Show, Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider has commented upon Genesis‘ evolving into four other bands, saying this is worse than some old rockers who deny their time is up while refusing to leave the scene for the young generation.

It is known that Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider was working on his fifth album ‘Leave A Scar.’ He has recently announced the album’s release date saying it will be out on July 30 via Napalm Records. As he claimed during The Jasta Show, the album was his way of channeling emotions: the anger, unease, and the struggle he felt during the coronavirus lockdown. Dee Snider has released the first two singles from the album titled ‘I Gotta Rock (Again)’ and ‘Time To Choose,’ before the actual release of the record.

Speaking to The Jasta Show, Dee Snider has talked about his new album and future plans, as well as commenting on the metal community and recalling his decision to take a break from making music back in the 90s. He told the show’s host Jamey Jasta that he didn’t know where his place in the metal community, and in the 90s he said he thought his time is up and he needed to make room for other people.

Snider then said that he hated all of the old rockers who refused to go away after their career came to a standstill. He then added it is even worse that Genesis turned into four bands, as they had Peter Gabriel, Mike & The Mechanics, and Phill Collins.

Dee Snider told The Jasta Show that:

“My problem was – as much as I love the metal community, I didn’t know where I fit in. Where is my place? I was taking my own words too hard – stay hungry, there is no room for wannabes, has-beens, or the bad.

At some point in the ’90s, I just said, ‘Alright, I think my time is up. I gotta make room for the other people.’ I hated all these old rockers who refused to go away. And even worse – Genesis turned into four bands! We had Genesis, and now we have Peter Gabriel, Mike & The Mechanics, Phil Collins… What the fuck?!

This is where Twisted comes up – where is our moment? Get the fuck out of the way! I had that feeling in the ’90s, at the end of The Widowmaker thing – maybe I should heed my own words. And I stopped writing, I stopped creating, everything I did was that Twisted stuff and whatever, and stuff where I didn’t want to be really. And then you come along and said, ‘No, no, man. You’ve got a place. Where? Let me show you!’ And I thank you for that, Jasta.”

The full interview is below for you to check out.