Slipknot Guitarist James Root Reveals How Corey Taylor Destroyed His Guitar With A Mic Stand

Slipknot guitarist James Root shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing the time when frontman Corey Taylor smashed one of his guitars with a mic stand when he got excited at the end of a performance in addition to revealing the guitar now that he has been cleaning his guitar room.

As you may remember, James Root has decided to clean his guitar room and sell some of the guitars, pedals, and amplification online that are no longer necessary for him to keep. As he cleared his room and found some of his sold guitars, Root revealed each on his official Instagram page and answered fans’ questions.

While revealing each of his guitars, James Root often times unveils their history and background in the caption section whether they are in a rough shape due to being overused during touring or if they hold a special place in his heart and too hard to let go, however, his recent post has the best story so far.

Recently, James Root shared another guitar on his official Instagram page, however, this time there was not a whole guitar, there was what’s left of a guitar, only its body, not entirely, and nothing left and it all made sense thanks to Root’s explanation in the caption section.

Apparently, frontman Corey Taylor got a little too enthusiastic towards the end of a performance and eventually destroyed James Root’s guitar with his mic stand. Taylor’s excitement must have been so much that the guitar is torn apart, only left with a broken body as it is seen in the picture.

Here is what Root said:

“’Tomahawk’ Strat. What’s left of it anyway. Corey got a bit excited at the end of a show and took a mic stand to it. oh well. I get it. The shows get intense. Plus I’m currently holding 2 of his Les Pauls hostage. Muahahaha”

You can click here to see the Instagram post.