Lzzy Hale Reveals The Story Of How Sevendust Made Her Teenage Metal Head Dream Come True

Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale explained how Sevendust encouraged her to pursue on her own way by sharing a new post on her official Instagram account.

In the post, Lzzy revealed that she was a fan of Sevendust when she was a teenager and her dream was singing the legendary song, named ‘Licking Creme,’ in front of the audience.

Lzzy mentioned that they were watching the Sevendust shows all the time when they had a local band, and one time they had a chance to jump into their tour bus. Afterward, they handled their demo, which had the early version of Halestorm’s ‘It’s Not You.’

While they were chilling in the waiting room before the show, Lzzy suddenly heard the intro of ‘It’s Not You’ and said that it meant a lot to her. Also, Lzzy stated that this small gesture encouraged them to continue their own way.

Here is what Lzzy Hale said:

It had been a teenage metalhead dream of mine to someday sing Licking Creme with Sevendust… This dream came true in a time when my soul needed it. Back when we were a local band we went to see Sevendust at the all-ages Chameleon Club in Lancaster Pa.

We were brazen youngins and knocked on their bud door, it opened and to our surprise they let us in asking ‘aren’t you those kids we met at NAMM last year ?’ (yes, we saw an acoustic set at NAMM in that past year)…

Anyway, we were so nervous, had never been on a tour bus before, but we had some water, chatted and handed them our demo (which had an early version of It’s Not You on it) then headed into the venue.”

She continued:

“Now we are standing in the front row waiting for the show to start and all of a sudden I hear ‘I’m in love with somebody…’ the intro to our song roaring over the load speakers. The Sevendust boys had given our demo to the sound guy and told him to play a song…

Holy shit. You have no idea how much that small gesture meant to us local band kids. We collectively thought, Well…if one of our favorite bands thinks we are cool enough to play one of our songs through the house speaker before they hit the stage…

Then maybe we got something going on. It encouraged us to keep working hard to get to where we want to be. I’ll never forget that moment in time. Thank you so much to Sevendust for all the selfless love kindness and everything past present and future. Being a part of this concert all these years after we first met, means so much. Love you, my friends. See you soon!

You can listen to the songs that Lzzy shared below.