Dee Snider Recalls What Lemmy Kilmister Told Him About The Beatles


Twisted Sister lead vocalist and frontman, Dee Snider, responded to a question of his follower on his official Twitter page and shared the late legend Lemmy Kilmister‘s words about The Beatles.

Dee and Lemmy had a deep relationship before the late legend passed away from this world. Even in Snider’s book named ‘Shut Up and Give Me the Mic’ which was released in 2013, he has a whole chapter dedicated to the late Motörhead star stating that he took a liking to Twisted Sister and started showing up at their gigs to introduce the band.

Recently, one of Dee’s followers from Liverpool claimed that The Beatles is a ‘gateway drug’ to rock and the band is the light beer you sneak before discovering heavier stuff. While the follower claimed that Beatles is a starting point to listen to rock music, Snider responded to the tweet by sharing Lemmy’s little-known words about the legendary English band.

Dee recalled the day Lemmy told him about his experience seeing The Beatles live in the Cavern Club, which is a now-famous nightclub, known as the birthplace of the band. Upon seeing them at the Club multiple times, Lemmy told Snider that aside from their great songs, the members’ ‘onstage banter between songs was hysterical.’

Here is what Dee wrote in the tweet:

“Point of interest: Lemmy Kilmister told me The Beatles were an amazing live rock band back when he used to see them in the Cavern Club before they were ‘cleaned up.’

He said not only were they great, but their onstage banter between songs was hysterical! RIP Lem.”

Check out the tweet right below.