Yungblud: ‘Anxiety Is Not Real, We Made It Up’

Yungblud recently discussed the significance of mental health while claiming that anxiety is not real, but rather a fabricated concept.

In a new video shared on the singer’s Instagram account, the rocker is seen to answer questions from the fans. When a fan from the audience asked him for a piece of advice for dealing with depression and anxiety, he replied:

“I think with it all, I suffer from the same thing as you. I wake up in the morning, and there is a knot in my stomach and I don’t know why I woke up that way this morning. Some days I just wake up and [say], ‘it’s not a good day.’ We spend so much time thinking about things that don’t even exist. Mainly, you’re depressed or anxious about something that’s not even real. It’s the vision of the future that’s not even happened, that will probably never happen.”

He then went on to state how it’s a made-up thing and what he does to get rid of his anxiety:

“I think the best thing that gets rid of my anxiety is grounding myself to the world, because anxiety is made up inside of us, it’s not actually a real thing. So I go, and I put my f*cking feet in some grass. I go and get a soda and I taste it. I go and get a cup of coffee and I smell it. I know that sounds mental, but next time you’re freaking out, try that sh*t, because it lets you know you’re alive. I think it’s important to just ensue the idea that it’s alright and you are real.”

Yungblud Offers’ Safe Space Areas’ In Concerts

The singer, who has been dealing with anxiety and ADHD for years, has been caring for the well-being of his fans’ mental health. As some fans might feel uneasy during the shows, Yungblud decided he would have ‘safe space areas’ on his shows to increase safety. The area included councilors and a helpdesk, along with an e-mail hotline. As part of his series of performances across the UK, Europe, and the US, the singer provided specialized mental health support for fans who attend his concerts.

You can see the video here.