Dee Snider Names The Greatest Frontman Of All Time Saying It’s Not Mick Jagger Or Freddie Mercury

Twisted Sister star, Dee Snider revealed the greatest frontman of all time while answering questions of his followers on his Twitter account and Snider didn’t choose Mick Jagger or Freddie Mercury who are the favorite frontmen of many people.

As you know, Snider is very connected with his fans and answers their questions as many as possible. Recently, he shared an article about Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French’s describing him as the greatest frontman during French’s appearance on The Metal Voice. A follower replied to him saying that Gene Simmons was better than him. But Snider didn’t agree with him.

Then, another follower listed his favorites as Mick Jagger, Dee Snider, and Freddie Mercury under his post. Other Fans have reacted to this list because they thought that Mick Jagger was copying James Brown. Snider also agreed with this idea and stated that Mick Jagger himself admitted Brown’s influence on him also produced a documentary and movie about Brown.

At end of this conversation and discussion with his fans, Snider stated that he saw himself as the greatest frontman of all time. However, apart from himself, he described James brown as the best frontman of all time after he watched his documentary. He shared his final decision about this subject on his Twitter account saying that the greatest one was James Brown.

Here’s what he wrote:

“You know, we are talking great frontmen and when it comes to that subject I am pretty damn full of myself. This said, I have recently watched a documentary on James Brown and he is without a doubt the greatest frontman of all time! No one comes too close! Am I right Mick Jagger?”

And to Mick Jagger‘s credit, he not only admits he ripped off James Brown, but Mick produced both the documentary and movie on James Brown. That’s honoring your hero!”

You can see the tweets below.