Tenacious D Singer Jack Black’s Obsession With Meat Loaf

Every artist has their idols and influences, those legendary names they admire from afar. But it’s a rare moment when the stars align, and one’s collaboration dream becomes a reality, as it did in the story of the Tenacious D frontman Jack Black and the late rocker Meat Loaf.

After a long-time obsession, Black’s efforts to include Loaf in his band’s 2006 film ‘The Pick Of Destiny‘ paid off, and the singer starred in the role of Jack’s father, Bud Black. When asked how he got involved in this movie, Loaf said MTV News in a 2006 chat:

“For five years, Jack Black has been saying he wanted me to play his father. In every interview he did, he always [said], ‘I’m gonna make the movie ‘Tenacious D,’ and I want to make Meat Loaf play my father.’ Every interview.”

Recalling how he accepted the offer, Meat continued:

“And my daughters, Pearl and Amanda, they kept reading it and [would] call and say, ‘Jack said it again, Jack said it again.’ I said, ‘When he calls me, I’ll tell him I’ll do it.’ He did call. He called me himself.”

Then, the interviewer also wanted to learn whether the deceased musician had met Black at the time. Loaf referred to the 2000 film ‘Meat Loaf: To Hell and Back,’ where Jack was initially set to play him and explained:

“No. I had never met him. I just saw him in movies that he had done, and I had heard some stuff from Tenacious D. I said, ‘This is the guy to play me. He’s got the energy, and he understands it.'”

The singer also revealed why Black wasn’t involved in the film:

“He was going to [play me], then his career took off, and [this] movie got postponed. He tried, and I said, ‘Well, the guy’s an idiot if he does it.’ I said, ‘Let me see — a studio picture over the Meat Loaf story? Let me think about that for a minute. Gee, I don’t know, that’s a hard decision.'”

Following the passing of Loaf in January 2022, the Tenacious D vocalist paid tribute to him with a heartfelt message, writing on Instagram:

“I think I was nine years old when my big sister took me to see ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’ Meat Loaf rocked the hell out of that movie. 25 years later, I begged him to play my father in my band’s movie ‘The Pick Of Destiny,’ and by god, he rocked the hell out of that one, too. Thank you, Meat, for rocking so hard! Much love to his friends and family. Meat Loaf Rest In Peace.”

Below, you can see a video of Loaf’s appearance in the film.