Dee Snider Thanks The Person Who Helped Rescue His Daughter From Peru


Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and sent his best wishes to the man who helped him last year when his daughter was unable to leave Peru and he had to spend two weeks scared for her well-being.

Approximately a year and a half ago, all of our lives changed after the outbreak of Covid-19 which brought the whole world to its knees. Millions of people have been affected in various ways and rock musicians weren’t an exception. Dee Snider was one of the people who had to go through a really tough time.

In March 2020, his daughter Shy had visited a spiritual retreat in the jungles of Peru, and following the restrictions announced by the government, she got stuck in the country and wasn’t able to get back to the United States. For two weeks, Snider contacted dozens of people trying to get his daughter safely back home.

There were some people that did their best to help out Snider and one of them was former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge. Unfortunately, Ridge recently suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. Dee posted the news on his Twitter account and sent his best wishes to him while thanking Ridge for his great support and help.

Here’s how he described that experience in his recent Instagram post:

“One year ago today my daughter Shy was rescued from Peru by the United States government. While on a spiritual retreat in the jungles of Peru she got stuck in the country (along with thousands of other US citizens) with no options to get out or home. Those were the two longest weeks of my life. I went on an unrelenting campaign to get her back. Some of you may remember. No possible avenue was ignored.

While the list of people who tried to or offered help is way too long to list (thank you all), there were five people who became my team during those long dark weeks. I owe them forever. My brothers Matt Byars, Paulo Baron, Mike Scialabba, and Rodrigo Rojo, there are no words to describe what your support meant to me.

When Shy sent me this photo after touching down in Miami, and I saw that snotty look still on her face, I took my first full breath in more than two weeks. May she never have her attitude and joy for life stolen from her by dark forces. God bless America!”

Here’s what Dee Snider said in his tweet:

“This man helped me get my daughter out of Peru last year. Get well soon, Governor.”

You can check out Dee Snider’s tweet below.